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Behind The Shield Podcast

James Geering interviews David regarding his Best Seller

"In Honor of The Charleston 9" and mental health for emergency responders.  

The Things We All Carry Podcast  

David discusses his journey through post-traumatic stress to post-traumatic growth.

Code 3:  The Firefighters Podcast

Emmy award winning journalist Scott Orr interviews David regarding Lessons Learned from the Charleston 9 and post-traumatic stress. 

Worldwide Peer Support  

David discusses leadership and mental health in the modern environment.

FireRescue1's Better Every Shift Podcast  

David discusses resiliency, principled leadership, and personal/professional growth.

On A Mission

APS Radio: Awareness, Prevention, Support  

David discusses his research on the healing power of tattoos for emergency responders.

Firehouse Vigilance Podcast

Corley Moore interviews David regarding leadership, growth, overcoming adversity, tragedy, culture, and mental health.  

Side Alpha Leadership Podcast

David focuses on The Citadel's concept of Principled Leadership and highlights the 7 principles that make someone a principled leader.   

Create Your Own Light Podcast  

David discusses the importance of mentoring and coaching.