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David with the Director of The Citadel's Daniel Library,

Colonel David Goble, on the day

In Honor of The Charleston 9

was placed in the Rare Books Room at this historical library. 

Enshrined in The Citadel's Rare Book Room

Timothy S. Cowan
Deputy Fire Chief
City of Oneida Fire Department

“After the events of June 18, 2007 unfolded in Charleston, I was glued to the media to find out exactly what happened.  I couldn’t believe that something of this magnitude could happen.  My heart immediately went out to the men and women of the Charleston Fire Department.

When I heard that a book had been written about the 'Charleston 9' I immediately had to have it. After reading the first few pages, I knew this book was special.  The amount of research and heart that Dr. Griffin had put into this book was unimaginable.  This was not a book only about the fire, but a book of how a department rose through the ashes and has become one of the most forward thinking and progressive departments in the country.
Knowing that Dr. Griffin was there that fateful day, only adds to the credibility of the book. This is a book that I will use for my own experiences when dealing with change and leadership.  The Charleston Fire Department has seen more change in the past 7 years than most departments see in a lifetime.  That not only adds to the testament of the men and women of the Charleston Fire Department, but to the vision and leadership of those moving forward."

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In Honor of The Charleston 9?

Monday, June 18, 2007...

Nine firefighters lost. Many grieving families.  An organization spiraling into crisis. Significant reasons for change.

       The Sofa Super Store Fire, one of the nation's deadliest incidents for firefighters since 9/11, marked the beginning of change. Change for people and the global landscape of emergency services. But how, specifically, did a fire department in South Carolina learn at the individual, team, and organizational levels following this tragedy, and consequently, institute the needed changes for organizational development? 

       After more than three years of in-depth research, Dr. David Griffin, the engineer on the first due engine of the Sofa Super Store Fire, studies how organizational processes and employee behaviors changed following a multiple line of duty death incident. The study centered on firefighters who officially responded on June 18, 2007.This is a scientific research study, not a story. 

       Change did come. Find out how the concept of organizational learning led to the changes, and how you can institute this powerful concept in your organization.

This study will save lives...

Reached #8 on Amazon's Research Best Sellers List

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