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     Every morning we wake up, we have a choice. We can choose to be average, or we can choose to be great in everything that we do. Excellence is not an accident. It is a habit. If we practice excellence continuously, it becomes a staple in all parts of our lives, personally and professionally.     

     All of this starts with our first step out of bed in the morning. If we rise ready to complain and carry around a negative attitude to our organization, learning will become difficult, with this attitude permeating to others. Research indicates that this presents a significant snowball effect. Once this snowball gets rolling, it turns into an avalanche extremely quickly, affecting the rest of the workforce. To combat this effect, organizations must develop into dynamic learning organizations where inspiration and learning are staples of their daily activities. These types of organizations facilitate an environment that not only ensures leaders can practice innovative techniques to increase customer service and profits, but also allows personnel to be the driver of the needed change to do so.        

     David found out about this avalanche following the loss of nine of his fellow firefighters in a furniture store fire. He turned a blind eye to new leadership, development, and learning activities. This proved to be a monumental mistake for David. He veered down a dangerous path for three years until he was able to overcome his demons with a new attitude toward higher learning. His therapy for this tragic event consisted of the completion of a Master of Science in executive fire service leadership, a Doctorate of Education in organizational leadership and development, and becoming involved in inspirational speaking opportunities across the globe. Finding this new positive attitude has changed every aspect of his life. More importantly, it has increased his ability to connect with others as many can relate to the pain a tragic occurrence causes and the crisis it creates.       

     David has been on both ends of the spectrum. From resisting learning and change in a dramatic way, all the way to producing scientific research through his doctoral studies focusing on the importance of organizational learning. He has the experience and the knowledge to ensure that your organization can take advantage of this essential aspect of growth and development. Find out how to institute this innovative principle with one of David’s inspiring programs.

Dynamic organizational development, leadership, post-traumatic stress, 

post-traumatic growth, and instructor development courses, along with an inspirational and motivational ride.

Motivational speaker delivery options include keynotes, 1-2 hour breakouts, 1/2 day workshops, full-day seminars, and multiple day programs.