Articles By Melissa

"Don't Just Check the Box" 


"When They Hurt, We Hurt" 


"On A Mission"

Oblique Magazine

"We're All Followers Before Leaders" 


"Baltimore Firehouse Expo - A Study of Change Following Tragedy - In Honor of the Charleston 9"

"Teaching Firefighters to Be Professionals"

"Drive The Change Bus or

Get Run Over"

"I Knew You'd Come"

"Out of the Fire: Sofa Store Firefighter Finds Solace, Honors Fallen" 
    The Post and Courier     

Charleston, SC

"Get Back On The Truck

After Tragedy"

  The Post and Courier 

Charleston, SC

"Ultimate Goal"

  The Post and Courier     
Charleston, SC

Articles By David

"An Educated Mind" 


"You Don't Know

What You Don't Know"

"Quitter, Camper, or Climber" 


"Charleston 9 Tragedy Used As Teaching Tool"

Americus Times Recorder, Georgia

"Not Your Same Old Firefighter"

Glendale, Arizona Daily Planet

"Charleston 9 Seminar Makes Impact on Firefighters in Tri-Cities"     

"How Organizational Learning
Changed a SC Department"

  FIRERESCUE Magazine    

"Athlete Spotlight: David Griffin"
  Oblique Magazine

Charleston, SC

"From Tragedy to Triumph:  
Lessons Learned from SC Fatal Fire"
Fire Engineering Magazine    

"Repeated Exposure to Trauma" 


"Remembering the Charleston 9:  

Still Riding" 


"Being Accountable for Mistakes" 


"The Wave of Progress"

"We've Always Done It This Way,

But That Doesn't Mean It's Right"

"Telling the Story of Change"

"Doctoral Learner from SC Turns Tragedy
into Opportunity"

GCU Today

Phoenix, AZ

"Local MMA Fighter to Make Pro Debut"

Charleston City Paper

Charleston, SC

"Never Forget"

"Preparing Our People" 


"It's Not Who's Right,

It's What's Right"

"Charleston Firefighter Inspires Convention, Encourages 'Culture Change' to Save Lives"

WBTV - Concord, North Carolina

"Mills:  A Talk With His Battalion Chief: 

Words I've Never Heard Before"

"Firefighter Writes Book About Sofa Super Store Fire"    

​​"Bicyclists Honoring 9/11 Fallen Heroes 

Arrive in South Carolina"
 ABC News 4

Charleston, SC

"Citadel's Griffin Living His Dream of Pro Ball" 
  The Post and Courier     
Charleston, SC

On A Mission, L.L.C.

"Apopka Firefighters Hear Harrowing

Tale About Complacency"

The Apopka Chief - Apopka, Florida

"Working in an Ever-Changing  Generational Environment" 


"The Value of Hard Work" 


Articles About David

"Learning from Others' Experience"

"In Honor of The Charleston 9 Book

is a Top Seller"     

"Achieving Unconscious Competence"

  FIRERESCUE Magazine    

"David Griffin's Passion at the

Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs Conference" 

Laura King, Firefighting in Canada

Toronto, Ontario  

"Change is Action"

"Guest Speaker To Draw Nearly

200 Firefighters to Americus"

Live 5 News, CBS

Dr. David Griffin

"Will You Be The Best of The Best

or Will You Fake It 'Til You Make It?"

"10 Secrets To A More

Positive Workplace" 


"On A Mission Following Tragedy"

FireRescue Magazine and